Is a South Australian Painter Based on Peramangk Land. 
In the act of painting from life she aims to capture a certain psychological mood or an emotional narrative within experiencing a enviroment or place. 

She sits at this spot and watches the river lined with samphire flow into the sea, 2023, oil on canvas, 102 x 77


Mandy’s Toyota dreaming, 
2021, oil on marine ply, 10 x 12


Hours on hot summer days spent swimming in the river and lounging by the gumtrees, 2022, oil on marine ply, 20 x 25

Seals and sharks live on the coast of this cliff surrounded by the cold southern ocean, 2023, oil on marine plywood, 30 x 35

Your bed and four walls, 2020, oil on marine plywood, 20 x 25

I like the sound of the gravel as I drive down this road just as much as I like to watch the shadows, colours and light change, but mostly I like that it leads to figs, to morning coffee and to you, 2020, oil on canvas, 76 x 90

Wave-battered rocks with colonies of wriggling fur seals live by the arch of the western coast, 2023, oil on marine plywood, 2023, 30 x 35,

The Rock-climbing shoes I got for that first date, 2020, oil on plywood, 20 x 25


Red Earth Blue Skies and Community Smiles, 2020, oil on marine plywood, 2023, 25 x 30


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