is a South Australian oil painter currently based on Peramangk Land. She paints observations from life informed by environments, personal experiences and historical painting narratives.

She sits at this spot and watches the river lined with samphire flow into the sea, 2023, oil on canvas, 102 x 77


Mandy’s Toyota dreaming, 
2021, oil on marine ply, 10 x 12


Hours on hot summer days spent swimming in the river and lounging by the gumtrees, 2022, oil on marine ply, 20 x 25

Seals and sharks live on the coast of this cliff surrounded by the cold southern ocean, 2023, oil on marine plywood, 30 x 35

Your bed and frour walls, 2020, oil on marine plywood, 20 x 25

I like the sound of the gravel as I drive down this road just as much as I like to watch the shadows, colours and light change, but mostly I like that it leads to figs, to morning coffee and to you, 2020, oil on canvas, 76 x 90

Wave-battered rocks with colonies of wriggling fur seals live by the arch of the western coast, 2023, oil on marine plywood, 2023, 30 x 35,

The Rock-climbing shoes I got for that first date, 2020, oil on plywood, 20 x 25


Red Earth Blue Skies and Community Smiles, 2020, oil on marine plywood, 2023, 25 x 30


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